Telephone and Video Paediatrician Consultations

Dr Yiannis offers a remote paediatrician video and telephone consultation service, allowing you and your child to benefit from an appointment without leaving home.

Feedback from families in our practice has shown overwhelming support for the option of our remote paediatrician consultation service.

It is very popular with families living further away with longer distances to travel to clinics.

Diagnosing childrens medical issues from home

Dr Yiannis is happy to offer children and their parents this alternative to a face to face appointments.

A wide range of medical issues can be assessed effectively and safely via a video consultation and medication can be prescribed remotely if needed.

Can the assess all my child’s symptoms via a video call?

Many conditions can be diagnosed safely by video call, in some cases without needing a physical examination which requires a face to face appointment.

Will I still receive the same level of care from a remote paediatric consultation?

Telephone consultations have been proven to be effective and safe over a number of years, and the addition of video means that the remote paediatrician consultation service offered by Dr Yiannis is even safer. It should be noted that in some cases, a face to face appointment may be required.

Find out more about our remote paediatrician service

If you have any questions about the remote paediatrician consultation service offered by Dr Yiannis, or would like to book a consultation, please call us on 0207 390 8045.

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