How can I arrange to see Dr Yiannis?

You can book an appointment with Dr Yiannis online, email or phone - please see our contact details.

Which days of the week does Dr Yiannis have private clinics?

Dr Yiannis has regular private clinics on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday across three conveniently located hospitals in Central and West London. Clinic times vary, but include mornings throughout the day and early evenings. We can always find a time to suit you, so please do ask if you are having difficulty finding a suitable time.

Where can I see Dr Yiannis?

Dr Yiannis has private clinics at the Portland Hospital in central London, Bupa Cromwell Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in West London and is available for home visits in west, north and central London.

Can I see Dr Yiannis without a GP referral?

Yes, Dr Yiannis is frequently the first port of call for his patients for all health concerns and you can book an appointment without seeing your GP. However, many insurance companies require a GP referral in order to authorise a visit so please do check your policy details.

What will happen before the day of the appointment?

If you have booked an appointment directly through one of the private hospitals, your details will be registered with the hospital where you are visiting Dr Yiannis. You will also receive a call from Dr Yiannis’ office to register your child to our practice. The office will ask for demographic information including name, date of birth, address, contact number and email and insurance details including membership number and pre-authorisation number. If you call us directly our office will register you on both systems. Information is stored securely and Dr Yiannis’ practice is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Unless booked at short notice, you will receive email confirmation and a reminder of the appointment time, date and place.

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

Any information that you think may be helpful for Dr Yiannis relating to your child’s health. Please bring your baby’s red book, GP referral letter if you have one, any relevant previous clinical correspondence, test results or health records. If you forget these don’t worry, it will not affect the appointment.

What happens on the day of the appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your allocated appointment time. The hospital administrative staff will once again confirm details and will ask for credit card details to cover any additional charges from the hospital (such as blood tests) if you are self-paying for the visit. Your child will be weighed and measured by a nurse while you wait to see Dr Yiannis.  Dr Yiannis will discuss with you and your child the reason for your visit, examine your child and make any recommendations and plans for follow up visits. Blood tests and x rays if needed can usually be done on the day of the visit. Some scans may require a separate appointment, but Dr Yiannis and his secretary will advise you and support you with any questions.

Am I able to contact Dr Yiannis after the consultation?

Yes, if you have any questions please call or email the office and Dr Yiannis can contact you at a convenient time. A follow up appointment can be arranged if necessary.

Does Dr Yiannis make home visits?

Yes. Home visits are pre-arranged and by appointment. Please contact the office during working hours to arrange a home visit.

I am self-paying, how and when do I pay for the consultation?

Our practice accepts all payment methods including online bank transfer, cash, cheque and credit card payments. Prior to your visit you will be asked for credit card details to secure the booking. Details are stored securely and only used with permission. Following the consultation an invoice will be issued and your credit card charged, unless you request to pay by an alternate method. Your credit card will also be charged if there is a shortfall on the account from an insurance company, once again only with notification and your permission. You may also pay by credit card over the phone. Bank details for online transfers are available on the invoice. Please contact us for more details on consultation fees and payment details.

I have health insurance will this cover the cost of my visit?

Dr Yiannis is registered with most insurance companies as listed below. The extent of cover depends on your insurance policy and some insurance companies may not cover the full cost of the consultation. Your policy may include an excess which is an amount you will need to pay directly to Dr Yiannis’ practice. You will be asked for your policy number and pre-authorisation details. Insured patients are still asked to provide credit card details to secure the booking, but this will not be charged without prior consent.

Which insurance companies is Dr Yiannis registered with?

  • Aetna
  • Aviva
  • Allianz
  • BUPA, BUPA International
  • CIGNA, CIGNA International & Global
  • CS Healthcare
  • Exeter Family Friendly
  • Freedom Health
  • HTH, Geo-Blue
  • Pru Health
  • Simply Health
  • Standard Life
  • Van Breda
  • WPA

If your insurance company is not on this list please contact us and Dr Yiannis is easily able to register.

Will I be charged for anything apart from the consultation?

In some cases, blood tests, scans or x rays may be requested by Dr Yiannis to investigate your child’s symptoms. Dr Yiannis’ practice does not charge directly for any medical investigations. The cost of tests is determined by and charged by the hospital in which Dr Yiannis is seeing your child. Prices vary slightly between hospitals and can be requested in advance from the hospital before proceeding with tests. If your visit is covered by health insurance, pre authorisation from your insurance company is needed for any investigations and you will be liable for any limits exceeded on your insurance policy. Vaccines and medicines are also charged separately by the hospital pharmacy and many insurance companies do not cover the costs of vaccines, so please do check your policy coverage.

If my child is unwell can Dr Yiannis look after my child in a private hospital?

Yes, Dr Yiannis can arrange admission and inpatient care at The Portland Hospital, Bupa Cromwell and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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